Get a Nonsurgical Facelift Using PDO Threads in Newport News, VA

A PDO thread lift is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure that lifts sagging, aging skin into a more youthful position. In addition, PDO thread treatments stimulate collagen production in the face and neck for progressive treatment results. The FDA-approved procedure is an alternative to a surgical facelift with less pain and no lengthy recovery or downtime.

Turn back the clock with a PDO thread lift at Numa Spa. We are proud to be a leading provider of PDO threads in Newport News, VA, where we serve the surrounding areas of Poquoson, Hampton, Grafton, and Yorktown. This non-surgical facelift improves facial contours and achieves a more youthful appearance free from sagging skin and wrinkles. Call us today at (757) 797-1849 or online to schedule a PDO thread lift consultation.

PDO Thread Lift Benefits

  • Provides a youthful, defined appearance
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Stimulates neovascularization
  • Naturally improves skin elasticity
  • Quick recovery
  • Easily reversible

What to Expect During a Thread Lift Procedure

Before a PDO thread lift, you will meet with the experts of Numa Spa to discuss your facelift goals and what to expect during the procedure.

On the day of your thread lift, you will arrive at the med spa early. Our staff will check you in and take you to a room where you will be made comfortable before the procedure begins.

During the thread lift, your provider uses a thin needle (a cannula) to insert various threads under the skin. The procedure takes about an hour to complete.

Once complete, you may leave and go home. You may experience mild bruising, swelling, and discomfort. Your provider will give you specific aftercare instructions, so you heal perfectly.

PDO Thread Lift Results*

A PDO Thread Lift accomplishes two things:

  1. An Immediate Lift
    First, the PDO thread lift procedure achieves an immediate lift in the mid-facial skin tissue without surgical methods. The skin lifting and firming results are like those of a traditional facelift. However, the most significant difference is that the PDO thread lift cannot remove excess facial skin like a surgical facelift. Rather, PDO threads lift and firm the skin instead of reducing facial skin.Rather, the threads suspend the skin. The thread lift pulls the skin up and back with the sutures, providing an instant tightening effect without painful surgery.
  2. Gradual Volume Improvements
    PDO threads provide gradual volume improvements. The sutures contain barbs that induce progressive results for restoring volume over time. They do this by triggering collagen production and neovascularization, restoring volume and contour.As always, individual experiences will vary.*

The Different Types of PDO Thread Lifts Available

There are many different types of thread lifts available. These options include:

  • Eyebrow thread lift –Lift sagging or furrowed eyebrows and tighten skin.
  • Nose thread lift – Threads inject into the nose to lift, straighten, and slim the nose. This thread lift is done with dermal fillers for superior anti-aging results.
  • Neck thread lift – Reduce and lift loose skin on the neck, diminishing the appearance of necklines.
  • Cat or fox eye thread lift — Lift the eyebrows towards the temples. This gives your eyes a more “cat-like” or “fox-like” appearance.

PDO Thread Before and After*

The PDO Thread before and after images show the impressive results possible with this facelift alternative. Each person in the PDO thread lift before and after images achieves noticeable improvements to their facial skin and features. Each person achieves visibly lifted, firm skin with more youthful, attractive features.

*results may vary

PDO Thread Lift Candidacy

Is a PDO thread lift right for me? Unfortunately, thread lifts are not suitable for everyone. The best candidate is someone experiencing the early signs of aging. Most people in their late 30s to early 50s do not expect the dramatic results of a surgical facelift and want to avoid plastic surgery and complicated recovery.

Since a thread lift is a low-risk procedure, it is a good option for people with conditions that may keep them from being a candidate for surgery. This includes people with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, or other conditions.

Speak to a medical professional before committing to a cosmetic procedure, even a minimally invasive one like a thread lift.

Why You Should Have a Thread Lift vs a Surgical Facelift

The most significant benefit of having a nonsurgical PDO thread lift over a surgical facelift is the reduction in recovery time. This is a major surgery with many drawbacks, including:

  • Heavy sedation
  • Procedure in a hospital setting with a surgeon
  • Multiple incisions on and around the face
  • Minimal chance of scarring
  • Around-the-clock assistance for at least three days following the facelift, including childcare, if needed

PDO threads involve an entirely different experience. For example, thread-lifting procedures often include many benefits:

  • Local anesthesia
  • Procedure in an office setting, usually
  • No invasive incisions needed
  • No chance of scarring, bleeding, or severe complications
  • No need for assistance following the procedure
  • Can return to work immediately following the thread lift
  • Perfect for people who have children at home or those who have busy, demanding careers

PDO Thread Lift FAQs

Your PDO thread lift results are temporary. According to studies, the longevity of a PDO thread lift can last anywhere from 1 to 9 years. The result’s longevity depends on the age and health of the patient, the type of skin laxity, the thickness of the skin, and the adequacy of facial volume. Over time, the threads dissolve and are absorbed by the body.

A PDO thread lift doesn’t use general anesthesia. You receive a local anesthetic, so the thread lift isn’t painful. However, afterward, you may experience slight discomfort and soreness. These are typical side effects and usually occur. They eventually go away on their own.

Lift and Firm Your Skin with PDO Threads in Newport News

If you want to lift and firm your skin without painful, invasive surgery, contact the experts at Numa Spa. Call us now at (757) 797-1849 and learn more about a PDO thread lift and how it can improve your appearance without surgical drawbacks.

Numa Spa is proud to be the leading provider of safe PDO thread lift procedures in Newport News, VA. Call us now to schedule your consultation and discover what a thread lift can do for your natural beauty.


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