The Best Way to Lose Belly Fat | Coolsculpting the Stomach

Best way to lose belly fat

The Best Way to Lose Belly Fat | Coolsculpting the Stomach

The best way to lose belly fat is not always through eating certain foods, nor does spot exercising tackle stubborn belly fat. Instead, for many adults, CoolSculpting treatments or Liposuction provides the answer in how to lose belly fat. To gain an understanding of these methods, you need to know the physiology of abdominal fat.

Read on to learn what causes belly fat and why it’s so hard to lose abdominal bulges. Also, learn why millions of Americans turn to noninvasive fat reduction treatments to sculpt a flat stomach.

What Causes Belly Fat?

Belly fat is typically the most stubborn of budges. It notoriously resists diet and exercise. To know the best way to lose belly fat, first understand what causes bulges to cling to our midsection.

Lifestyle is not the only cause of belly fat. Several biological factors impact abdominal fat. These involve:


Hormones determine where fat is stored in the body. Estrogen in women directs fat cells to be held in the hips and abdomen (to prepare for pregnancy.)


Men produce lower levels of Estrogen. Their hormones direct fat to store higher up in their midsection. Thus, they are more likely to gain weight around their waist.

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Men and women typically store more belly fat as they age. The reason is, hormone levels dip as we age. As Estrogen decreases in women, their body takes the accumulated fat around the hips and thighs and pushes it upward to the lower stomach. Thus, the popular term belly pouch.

In addition, as we age, we lose muscle mass. The metabolism slows down, increasing overall body fat. Double chins and other fat bulges appear in older adults.


Genetics influence the development of belly fat, perhaps more than any other biological factor. If you inherit “an apple” shape body, you are likely to amass abdominal fat. An inherited “pear-shaped” body type is more resistant to diet and exercise.

There are different types of fat. Subcutaneous fat resides below the skin surface. Visceral fat deposits store within the abdominal cavity and wrap around the organs, creating a more significant health risk.

Coolsculpting Belly Fat

CoolSculpting belly fat from the stomach is the #1 noninvasive fat reduction treatment in the world. It is effective, safe, and FDA cleared. A 35-minute procedure offers you a sculpted physique with little to no downtime.

Why Chose a Reputable Medical Spa?

Numa Spa, the leading CoolSculpting provider in Newport News, VA, offers a complimentary consultation. As experts in belly fat reduction, you may rest assured your safety and well-being is in competent hands.  Now is the time to lose your belly fat. Schedule your free consultation by filling out the form below or calling (757)-223-5800 today.



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