Botox Before and After | Real Results from Real Patients

smooth out lines and wrinkles with botox cosmetic at Numa Spa

Botox Before and After | Real Results from Real Patients

Botox before and after pictures illustrate how this cosmetic filler works to smooth out harsh lines and wrinkles. Read more to learn about the real results patients received from this revolutionary treatment. You will understand why this is the #1 anti-aging treatment!

Benefits of Botox at Numa Spa

  • Most popular cosmetic injectable available
  • Hundreds of clinical studies prove Botox is safe
  • Look instantly more youthful and rejuvenated
  • Natural looking results
  • Maintains facial expressions
  • Quick treatments
  • No downtime needed
  • Ideal for anyone

Botox Before and After Images*

The phenomenal transformations you see in the Botox before and after shots demonstrate how this cosmetic filler can completely change a person’s appearance. Botox can help totally rejuvenate the skin, smooth out all those harsh lines and wrinkles, and instantly make you look younger. As with any cosmetic treatment, results may vary. * The individuals shown in the pictures are real results from actual Botox patients showing their genuine transformation.

botox natural-looking results at Numa Spa
Soften wrinkles and smooth out fine lines with botox at Numa Spa
botox before and after images of real patients Numa Spa
rejuvenate the skin with botox cosmetic at Numa Spa in Newport News, VA
smooth out lines and wrinkles with botox cosmetic at Numa Spa
look younger with botox cosmetic at Numa Spa in Newport News, VA
Botox before and after male result Numa Spa in Newport News, VA
Botox Cosmetics before and after Numa Spa in Newport News, VA
Botox before and after Numa Spa in Newport News, VA
Botox result Numa Spa in Newport News, VA

How Does Botox Work?

Botox uses a protein known as Botulinum Toxin. Do not let the sound of that scare you away from this treatment, because Botox is perhaps the most extensively studied medical procedure on the market. More than 470 total studies document how Botox is safe and effective for treating cosmetic concerns such as crow’s feet or forehead wrinkles.

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Botox helps soften harsh lines and wrinkles. The little fine lines and creases begin to appear after decades of repetitive muscle movements of various facial expressions. This cosmetic treatment helps to relax the muscles and smooth out those lines.

It is important to note that Botox is not permanent. Over several months, the biodegradable substance is safely absorbed by the body.

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How Much Does Botox Cost?*

The cost of Botox varies per person.* Factors that determine cost are the number of treatment areas, the number of injections needed, and if Botox is used with other popular treatments like dermal fillers.

During your free consultation at Numa Spa, Botox prices are covered in detail. If this cosmetic injectable is right for you, we create a plan to give you the best aesthetic results at the most affordable rate in the area.

How Long Do Botox Results Last?

As with any cosmetic treatment, individual experiences may vary. However, most people begin seeing their Botox results within 24 to 72 hours after their injection. These same people enjoy the anti-aging benefits of Botox for 3 to 5 months. In addition to managing fine lines and wrinkles, recent studies prove Botox has the ability to prevent expression lines when regular treatments are done before the wrinkles develop.

This is why Botox is now regarded as the best preventative treatment for young adults wishing to maintain their youthful appearance and avoid expression lines from forming.

The Importance of Your Botox Provider

In order to achieve the best Botox before and after results, you need to select the best provider in your area. The skill and experience of the physician or nurse practitioner administering the injection influences the appearance and longevity of your Botox results. Selecting the most reputable provider is also the best way to safeguard against any Botox risks or side effects.

How to Get the Best Botox Before and After Transformation

The only way to ensure you will love your Botox before and after results is to choose a reputable medical spa that incorporates skilled and trained experts to conduct the Botox injections. Botox is a skill-sensitive treatment. This means that it requires the expertise of a knowledgeable technician with an artistic eye. People who live in the Newport News area should contact Numa Spa for their Botox needs. Numa Spa provides expert technicians professionally trained to administer cosmetic injections.

Get Your Own Botox Before and After Results

It is time to transform your appearance with this cosmetic treatment. You will have your own Botox before and after images to show off afterward! To learn more about what Botox can do for you, schedule a free consultation with Numa Spa. We have a solid reputation for providing superior client services that yield phenomenal results. Contact us by calling (757) 223-5800 or by filling out a form online.



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