CoolSculpting Chin and Neck Fat | Double Chin Elimination

CoolSculpting chin

CoolSculpting Chin and Neck Fat | Double Chin Elimination

CoolSculpting chin fat and neck fat is a popular treatment area. The fat-freezing procedure effectively reduces bulges of fat without invasive surgery or recovery time. If you want to reduce double chins or turkey necks, CoolSculpting chin can help. Read on to learn more about this fat freezing technology.

What Causes a Double Chin?

Double chins are not always the result of poor lifestyle choices. In fact, the chin and neck areas are notoriously common to collect fat cells due to gender, genetics, hormones, and age. According to some polls, double chins can affect 2 out of 3 Americans.

Before CoolSculpting hit the market, liposuction was the only way to reduce double chins and neck fat. Thankfully, CoolSculpting provides a safe, non-invasive way to eliminate this embarrassing problem that affects so many people.

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Do Double Chin Exercises Work?

The idea of being able to reduce fat in a specific area of the body is a myth. Therefore, double chin or neck fat exercises do no good to reduce fat bulges in that area. There is no way to reduce fat in that area through diet and exercise alone for people who struggle with double chins or unsightly neck fat. CoolSculpting chin and neck fat is the only way you can “spot reduce” fat in those areas.

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Double Chin Reduction with Cool Mini

CoolSculpting first hit the market back in 2010. Since then, the makers of this revolutionary treatment have unveiled applicators to treat different areas of the body. The CoolMini is an applicator specifically made to treat small, isolated pockets of fat in hard to treat areas, like the double chin and neck. The CoolMini easily fits under the chin and can reduce submental fullness.

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CoolSculpting Chin Results

Clinical studies show that CoolSculpting chin and neck fat is effective and safe at reducing the appearance of double chin and turkey necks.

An evaluation of the data involving submental fullness was published in the Journal of Clinical Dermatology. The study found that “there was a statistically significant reduction in submental fat and patients expressed high satisfaction with the treatment.”

Other studies evaluating the efficacy of CoolSculpting chin and neck fat to reduce submental fullness found:

  • 20% reduction in submental fat
  • 8 out of 10 patients would recommend the treatment to their friends
  • Results seen in 1 to 2 treatments.

CoolSculpting Chin Before and After*

CoolSculpting chin and neck before and after images show how the fat freezing treatment can resolve submental fullness issues. As with any cosmetic treatment, results may vary.* The best way to ensure you achieve the best results is to choose a reputable medical spa with expert technicians on staff.

coolsculpting mini before and after results Numa Spa Numa Spa

coolsculpting before and after results female double chin Numa Spa

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CoolSculpting Chin Treatments Near Me

If you are tired of struggling with double chin embarrassment, CoolSculpting can be the best solution for your woes. To find out if this treatment is right for you, contact Numa Spa to schedule a complimentary consultation. Call us at 757-223-5800.



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