DIY Coolsculpting: Why Coolsculpting at Home Does Not Work

DIY CoolSculpting


CoolSculpting is the #1 noninvasive treatment for reducing stubborn fat bulges. Raving reviews on CoolSculpting continue to saturate the internet, resulting in the disturbing trend DIY CoolSculpting.. To save on CoolSculpting costs, numerous sites are promoting CoolSculpting from home. These DIY hacks include exposing the skin to dry ice and walking around all day wearing a lipo belt (a strap containing ice packs.)

Read on to learn about the possible risks to the skin and why DIY CoolSculpting never works.


CoolSculpting is the Only FDA cleared treatment that utilizes advanced cooling technology. It uses a scientific process known as cryolipolysis (“cryo” = cold + “lipo” = fat + “lysis” = cell death) In other words, CoolSculpting exposes the fat cells to precise cooling temperatures – destroying  the fat cells.

CoolSculpting is the only effective treatment utilizing exact cooling technology to reduce fat cells. The treatment offers numerous factors that DIY CoolSculpting lacks. This includes:

Vacuum Mechanism

CoolSculpting applicators draw up tissue in preparation for cold induced cell death. Gentle suction plays an essential role in fat reduction that cannot be achieved at home.

When an area of the body encounters cold temperatures, fat cells pull away from the skin surface to protect themselves. CoolSculpting applicators suction the subcutaneous fat cells away from the skin layer and holds those fat cellsin the applicator in preparation for multiple angle chilling. This results in deep fat layer penetration.

Proprietary CoolSculpting Applicators

The CoolSculpting machine comes with various FDA cleared applicators. Size and types of applicators determine the body contouring results. In order to achieve a pristine physique, the applicator must adhere to specific stubborn fat bulges. Ice packs provide no suction or the necessary equipment to engage in body shaping. Only a skilled CoolSculpting practitioner at [SPA] offers the necessary applicators to perform long last body contouring.

Precisely Controlled Cooling

CoolSculpting does not actually freeze fat. It draws heat away from the cells in preparation for chilling. Exact temperatures and time specifications cause the fat cells to crystalize, then rupture. This leads to apoptosis or cell death. These destroyed cells exit the body via the lymphatic system.

Safety Mechanism

The CoolSculpting machine comes equipped with several gauges. Each of these criterions operates to protect the safety and well- being of the patient. The gel pad: Gel pads go under the applicator before each sculpting treatment. This shields the skin from frostbite.


Ice packs simply cannot chill fat cells like Coolsculpting does.

  1. Ice packs do not achieve the precise cooling temperatures necessary for apoptosis—cell death. Ice quickly begins to thaw when exposed to warmer environments. In order to acquire proper cooling techniques there can not be any interruptions in temperature.
  2. Using ice packs at home provides no suction mechanism to pull the subcutaneous fat cells away from the skin.
  3. Ice packs do not come with applicators to store the fat in preparation for chilling.
  4. CoolSculpting at home does not freeze fat, rather it may lead to serious skin injuries: Blistering, thermal burns, and potential frostbite.

Do not fall for the DIY CoolSculpting internet hacks.  Why risk your skin, the largest organ in your body, with ice packs that do not even work to reduce fat?

Instead turn to the CoolSculpting experts at Numa Spa in Newport News, VA. They offer a Free Consultation, experience, and state of the art equipment. Get a 25% discount by filling out the form online or call (757) 223-5800.


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