Implications of Dermal Filler and the COVID-19 Vaccine

Implications of Dermal Filler and the COVID-19 Vaccine

The rising demand for minimally invasive, highly effective aesthetic treatments, along with a global pandemic has posed a unique set of circumstances in aesthetic medicine over the last 12 months.

As more individuals are getting vaccinated against COVID-19, we’re encountering frequent questions about potential reactions with dermal filler.

While there has always been a risk of swelling and localized inflammation following any vaccine, current data shows a slightly higher incidence with the COVID-19 vaccine than others; currently between 3-4%.  The effects are typically mild, manifested by localized swelling that typically subsides once the immune system “calms down”.

For this reason, we at Numa Spa ask that you do not receive a filler treatment within 2 weeks of receiving your COVID-19 vaccination; either 2 weeks prior to or 2 weeks following your final vaccine dose.

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Christi Siler, RN CANS

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