Liposuction vs. CoolSculpting | Different Fat Reduction Treatments

liposuction vs. CoolSculpting

Liposuction vs. CoolSculpting | Different Fat Reduction Treatments

Liposuction was once the only effective way to reduce embarrassing fat in problem areas like the thighs or love handles. While effective, this treatment does have its risks. Liposuction is an invasive surgery involving pain, general anesthesia, and a long recovery time. For most people, they do not have the time to devote to invasive surgeries. Moreover, most people do not want to experience the risks or pain associated with cosmetic surgeries.

Thankfully, for those individuals, there is a non-invasive method for fat reduction. CoolSculpting is the #1 fat reduction treatment on the market. This procedure is virtually painless, with no downtime needed, making it an excellent alternative to Liposuction. Read on to learn more about each procedure and determine which would be best for you.

Liposuction vs. CoolSculpting Treatments

Liposuction treatments depend on the area that is being treated. However, with each procedure, the patient will have to be sedated with general anesthesia. Once entirely under, the surgeon will make incisions with a scalpel. The surgeon will then insert a cannula into the incisions to break up fatty tissue. Next, the surgeon will suction out the fatty tissue through the cannula.

In contrast, CoolSculpting is entirely non-invasive and requires no incisions or general anesthesia. Instead, CoolSculpting is a convenient 35-minute fat reduction treatment. It is nicknamed the “lunchtime lipo” because many people can go have it done and then go back to their routine as normal. This fat freezing treatment requires no downtime or recovery. With more than 8 million treatments administered across the globe, CoolSculpting is the most popular alternative to liposuction due to how simple and effective the treatments are.

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CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction Cost

Based on a national average in 2016, the cost of a single liposuction treatment is $3,200. The specific price will depend on where you live and the doctor. For most, $3,200 is the standard base price. When you factor in the cost for general anesthesia and the operating room, you get a hefty price tag of nearly $5,000.

CoolSculpting, however, is a much more affordable option. On average, the full package of CoolSculpting treatments is around $2,400. The exact cost will depend on where you live and the areas you are having treated. Compared to liposuction,  is a much more cost-efficient fat reduction procedure.

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Liposuction vs. CoolSculpting Recovery Process

Liposuction comes with many risks and downfalls, one being the lengthy recovery time afterward. Patients face restrictions in terms of activities for about 2 weeks. They must also wear a compression garment to control any swelling that may occur post-op. For many, they will also experience significant bruising and swelling that will not subside for a few months. The real post-op results will not be fully apparent until all the swelling is gone.

CoolSculpting is entirely non-invasive, so there is no downtime required. Most patients can come in for this comfortable 35-minute treatment and then go back to work or daily activities.

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